Corso Voyage

From the producers of Bremen's longest running Annual International Salsa Festival

6. Palladium Voyage 2015

 (From Los Angeles, CA: El Gallo Productions & LA SandunGuera)

We bring you a celebration of Latin American heritage...

4. Corso Voyage- Salsa Gala Bremen 2014

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"The Palladium", a word & place that no one had heard of in Bremen, has now turned into a basic Salsa dialogue word locally & a world wide recognized event.  El Gallo Productions & LA SandunGuera believes in their core mission statement: "LA SandunGuera Dance company strives to: Spread knowledge of Latin-American Music & Dance along with becoming one of the worlds premiere Salsa dance companies through our core values." now we embark on a new journey, honoring our Mambo dancing roots....

On May 1, 1966, the mecca of New York City's mambo dancers, the Palladium Ballroom, closed its doors for the last time.

In 1970, the new "in place" became the Corso Ballroom, located at 205 East 86th Street, off the corner of 3rd Avenue in New York City. The night club, which opened for business in 1927, was always a restaurant until after World War II and catered to the predominately German speaking residents who lived in the immediate area & featured "Continental music" ( Music from Europe).

One evening, Pete Bonet, a vocalist born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, persuaded the owner to let him promote a Latin music night. Bonet, who at the time had a hot selling record called Soul Drummer with Ray Barretto's orchestra, hired the Barretto band and filled every square inch of the club...beginning an era of many historic moments in up tempo Latin American music history that occurred at The Corso, The Home of the Typical Latin Sound between 1969 and 1985.

We cordially invite one & all to come and learn about Latin American Culture through dance workshops & shows...get ready to move with Confidance!