Gallo Suarez

From Los Angeles, CA.
 Due to a lack of Latino Dancing Schools in the U.S., Gallo's first Salsa student class formed in 1988 composed of school aged children & adults in preparation for a school show. After 25 years of continued learning & teaching of Salsa, Gallo's impressive experience in the world of Salsa Dancing includes global shows & instructing: From the epicenter of Mambo & Salsa Dancing in New York City...including clubs like the Latin Quarter, & Copacabana. Along with Roccapulco & Cafe Cocomo in the beautiful San Francisco. Also, the West Coast's cradle of Salsa dancing: Sportsmen's Lodge, the Mayan, Stevens Steakhouse ( City of commerce) & the Granada ( Alhambra ) in Los Angeles, CA. 
 In 2008 Gallo won a dance contest earning him the right to be on the American "ABC" network's very popular "Dancing with the Stars" show in Los Angeles, CA.
 In October of 2009 he moved to Bremen, Germany to marry Wally, she was at one time his Salsa student, & today is his primary Show dance partner. Together, they have performed in U.S.A., Italy, Finland, Spain, Belgium & Holland in addition to every major city in Germany.
 Gallo has compiled close to 50 choreographies & continues to produce an average of 5 choreographies per year to be danced by his dance company, & together with his Wife.
 Gallo has been instilled a passion for preserving Salsa history, while living for 10 years in the Bronx's "Spanish Harlem,"  by personal conversations with Latin music greats such as: Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Larry Harlow & Palladium era Mambo dancers such as Pedro Aguilar. This led him to wanting to share Latino history to a European audience making him start a production company.
 In 2010 Gallo founded his Salsa production company...."El Gallo Productions.
"El Gallo Productions" Team is responsible for Bremen Germany's oldest and longest running Salsa Festival: Palladium Voyage- International Salsa Festival Bremen founded in 2010.
"El Gallo Productions" Team is responsible for bringing to Bremen Germany some of the worlds most influential Salsa dancers of our time including:
2x World Mambo Champions (2010 & 2011): Luis Aguilar & Anya Katsevman
Top 10 ESPN 2007 / 2nd Place World Latin Dance Cup 2011: Alma Latina- Sergio & Gaby Equiz
2x World Salsa Champion Finalists: Ricardo Tellez & Tianne Frias
2011 Puerto Rico Salsa Congress Finalists: Isidro Corona & Ariel Lehaitre
2012: John Narvaez of Salsamania Dance Company...One of the most successful Salsa dance companies in the world.
2013: Albert Torres. The man who invented congresses & festivals of Latin music & dance. Albert is the Producer of the World Latin Dance Cup: THE industry standard in Salsa dancing around the world.
 This love for Salsa & Mambo Dancing has blossomed into a dance school which strives to be home to one of the worlds premiere Salsa dance companies..."LA SandunGuera."
 In January of 2010 Wally & Gallo founded "LA SandunGuera- Bremen Salsa Dance Theatre." A dance school with 3 different goals for different people:
Social Dance Theatre-
FUN Social dancing- Shines, Partnerwork & Patterns.
Intense Dance Series-
FUN & more intense dance training for social & show dancers- No full song choreographies.
Show Dance Theatre-
For the most committed dancers who would like to be better at Salsa really fast- Full song choreographies.

At over 40 years of age, Gallo contributes his longevity in the physically demanding world of Salsa show dancing to his life long commitment to helping people reach their optimum body goals as a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal fitness trainer since 2002 and certified Apex nutrition group adviser since 2003. During these last 12 years Gallo has helped thousands of people to empower themselves & take control of their bodies.

Gallo has been an avid athlete for nearly all of his adult life: Involved in a minimum cross training of 3 of the following activities at the same time: Boxing, Running marathons, Weight lifting, Dancing & most recently Cycling.
If you would like to learn about:
-Sport & Lifestyle specific Nutrition Programs ( Macro Nutrients, Micro Nutrients, Fats, Absorption, Fluid intake etc...)
-Sport & Lifestyle specific Exercise Programs
-Keeping track of your Body Fat percent
-VO2 Max
-About the kinetic chain
-Motor recruitment
-Individualized Heart Rate target zones
-Correcting over & under active muscle imbalances
-Self myofascial release stretching
-Balance training
-Strength training
-Power training
-Proper rest for athletes
-Motivation tools for exercising
Don't hesitate to make an appointment with Gallo today at, you owe it to yourself & to your loved ones to be the fittest you can be today, regardless of your age, gender or life style!
You don't live in Bremen? Don't let that stop you: Gallo has been working with clients via skype for years.
Below is a picture of Gallo's first original certifications issued 2 years before renewal dates.