Pro-Am F Training

LA SandunGuera Pro-Am Training.

Performers learning & improving their craft for dancing on stage as a student-teacher couple who have participated in the Intense Dance Series. Pro-Am is by invitation only.

Personal Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training is one on one Fitness Sessions with Gallo that include the following process:

- Body Fat is measured

- Body measurements & taken & documented

- Nutrition Plan is given

- A rotational system of full body training is prescribed

- Postural assessment for proper exercise & weight lifting technique

- Goal attainment help through monitoring of progress & recommendations to help achieve set goals.

Bachata Beginner l

Bachata Beginner l class is Thursdays from 18:00 - 19:00 from April 7th until July 7th of 2016.

How to improve your timing with Salsa musicality knowledge

This workshop is open to everyone ( Members & Non-Members )

Cost: 10 Euros

We will cover:

Clave styles ( Son, Rumba )

Conga beat ( learn to play the tumba'o pattern )

Montuno ( Piano )

Call & Response

How to dance on Clave

How to dance on Tumba'o

Dancing ON1 Timing

Dancing ON2 Timing

Please bring a notepad & pen to write with, get ready to see & hear your rhythm improved!



Ladies Team Training

LA SandunGuera Ladies Amateur Team Training. Show Dance Theatre only.

Bachata Beginner ll

Welcome to the Bachata Beginner ll class. This class takes place every Thursday from 18:00 - 198:50. If you are finished with the Bachata l class then you are welcome to join the level ll class where we will cover more advanced shines & patterns for dancing Bachata.

Sling Training Beginner l LA FIT

- Sling training: A full body fitness workout in a dynamic group environment with HIIT principles.

Boxing Beginner l LA FIT

- Boxing class: Learn the classic fundamentals of this sport while getting fit, relieving stress & punching away!


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